Did you know that…

Neck stiffness is your body’s signaling a problem in the area that you need to pay attention to. 


Why it matters?

Muscle stiffness and spasm usually happen as your body is trying to protect your spine's restricted and inflamed joints to not cause more pain and damage. This will limit your ability to move your head freely.

This limitation and stress on the joints in your neck can cause arthritis, which can become a major pain contributor to neck pain and stiffness. You can mitigate many of the symptoms by making positive decisions for your spinal health, like updating your diet, activity level, and ergonomics.

Drugs and surgery are not recommended as a first resort for treating neck pain as they carry many potential risks. The Cleveland Clinic and other leading healthcare organizations are supporting chiropractic care for treating most neck pain.

The Bottom Line

When your spine is aligned, your body is better able to heal itself. Spinal adjustments have been shown to provide more relief than steroid injections for neck pain, and nearly 80% of people with neck pain have found relief with chiropractic care. You know you can count on us to provide gentle adjustments to help you move better, and you should also know you can count on us for advice on the best stretches and exercises to keep you strong and flexible, as well as ergonomics and anti-inflammatory diet tips.

If you're dealing with neck pain, we hope you'll give us a call. We're here to help! 

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Dr. Rami Layous

Dr. Rami Layous


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