Back N' Line Chiropractic and Wellness


Fitness Coaching

Fitness coaches guide clients interested in weight loss, muscle building and increasing their overall fitness levels on the appropriate modes of action. They work with clients to create individualized plans for achieving their fitness goals while protecting any limitations or injuries one may have. Fitness coaches lead clients through exercise routines while offering words of encouragement during training sessions to ensure the workout is the right balance of challenging and fun.



Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition coaches help people build lasting habits that allow “eat better” to become easy, consistent, and automatic. They support clients through the entire process, not just calculating their daily calorie needs and giving them a meal plan. 

Cassi has a proven approach to nutrition that focuses on a strength-based mindset. No fad diets, no extreme caloric restriction. Just the pure power of learning to work WITH your body and not against it to ensure goals are being met in a fast and healthy way. She starts every client off with a metabolic reset to restore hormonal balance and create a rapid-firing metabolism. From here she has weekly check-ins where new caloric amounts and meal plans are assigned to ensure your body never hits a plateau. No single body is the same. Here at Back N' Line, no body is treated the same. We customize and cater plans to the individual.