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Multiple studies have shown that chiropractors offer several potent tools for relieving whiplash pain and restoring function.
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 Car accidents can cause permanent damage to the neck and back if left untreated. While some people feel pain immediately after the accident, many will not experience any symptoms for days or sometimes weeks later. 


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Prevent Long-Term Pain

Whiplash and other injuries, like a Neck Injury, from car accidents, are not going to go away on their own. In fact, they can last for years without proper treatment. By looking for a Chiropractor near me and getting the help you need right away, it is possible to prevent long-term pain. The right treatment from the start helps relieve the pain immediately and can help prevent it from turning into chronic pain that’s far more difficult to get rid of down the road.

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Traumatic Injuries

Auto accidents and other personal injury accidents can cause traumatic injuries which may not be apparent right away. If your injury was significant in nature and directly caused by the accident, then muscles, soft tissues, ligaments, joints, discs, and possibly bone may be damaged. 

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Auto Injury Assessments

When the damage occurs to these structures, inflammation and altered movement can last for weeks, months, and even years if not addressed and treated properly. If not treated, your body will try to heal itself in a less than ideal way by laying down scar tissue. This causes the muscles that were damaged to become either chronically weakened or tight. If these injuries are not addressed and treated, the biomechanics of the region will be altered for the long term.

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